Top 3 Takeaways From TechCrunch Disrupt 2018


TechCrunch Disrupt 2018 was a eye opening experience for me. There many startups, all with great ideas and products. It was an extremely humbling and inspiring experience. Humbling because there were startups with founders and team-members younger than I’am (23), doing incredible things. The standard of what I thought was possible for myself has been raised by these individuals. Inspiring because I now believe I can achieve more than I ever thought possible.

Takeaway 1: Block-chain Is Getting Stronger

I’ve known the power of Block-chain through my own research but to see this tech in action, solving real problems blew my mind. This heightened my awareness and expanded my horizons on the use cases for this technology, the possibilities are limitless. is a decentralized Dropbox type application built on block-chain technology and was top on my list for startups. The entire team is young and hungry! They could revolutionize how we store files on the internet. is an exciting block-chain startup built on the Ethereum network. It’s very interesting to me because they’ve gotten proof of work down to near 2 seconds where that current standard is close to 20 seconds. This means that applications will be able to scale much better on the network. Imagine a social media or e-commerce application built on the block-chain. 

Takeaway 2: Sharing Is Caring

Many of the startups focused on the sharing economy.  You can share anything with the internet! It’s very cool seeing the different business models popping up around the core concept of connecting people and things. is a startup that rents recreational equipment on a peer-to-peer basis. Imagine renting a boat or a jet-ski without paying full price! is a application that offers the opportunity to help another person in need. It’s centered around giving and in a world where acquiring over giving seems to be emphasized this application solves that problem and aims to make a more happy and fulfilled world. 

Takeaway 3: AI, AI and yet more AI

Most of the companies I talked are using AI in their tech-stack or planning on using AI in the future. AI is driving the future state of technology so no wonder it was so popular. is a promising startup that hopes to use AI to help generate social media posts saving time for content creators. This a very interesting concept because it could potentially automate the content marketing and engagement process in the future.

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